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Integrating Professionalism, Innovation, and Technology to Achieve Results

Located in north Louisiana, Red River IT Consulting offers a full line of customized solutions for our clients in the information technology and management field which include Networking & IT Consulting, Web Design and Development, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Mapping Services, Project Management Services, Software and App Development Solutions, Data Management, and more. We are continuously evolving to meet our client’s needs and ensure our solutions remain current with the latest trends in the technology industry. Explore our solutions and contact us for your business and technology needs.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects. They Produce Bigger Rewards In The End.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

At Red River IT Consulting, we believe in an agile approach to development and content management. What does it mean to be agile? In the world of information technology, to be agile means to work incrementally and iteratively, with close communication between business and technology experts.

From design to development and implementation, by implementing an agile approach, no individual portion of a project is considered to be in a final state until the entire project is finished, polished, and launched. By implementing an agile approach and working with frameworks like Xcode, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and WordPress, we can adapt to necessary changes throughout the process as they occur.

Why will an agile approach work better for your company’s needs? Unforeseen problems and changes occur every day. Your needs change. Your clients’ demands change. Implementations don’t work with your current framework the way you anticipated.

With traditional development processes, these changes meant going back to the drawing board. With an agile approach, we can adapt to both planned and unforeseen changes without missing a beat.


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